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How to write an effective executive summary for your paper

Research summary writing is a must for some of your college classes. Many types of papers should include this descriptive part of the whole work and require you to follow some rules. First, let's make it clear what is meant by any research article summary and why it is so important for your work.

Summary of a research paper is a description of the whole content of your paper that includes about 400 words. The purpose of any research paper summary is to give a reader, who is not aware of the topic, a comprehensive understanding of your research. As any summary is quite a short piece of the paper, it doesn't require being very detailed, though it should be effective and completed accordingly.

Follow the steps below to write effective and comprehensive research paper executive summary.

How to write a summary of a research paper?

Step 1. Consider your reader

Each and every paper is intended to deliver specific information and conclusions upon a research to your audience. It may include some sort of particular data and technical details that may seem unfamiliar to the reader. Your main purpose is to summarize the content of your paper in a way so that your audience could understand it.

Step 2. Include the major

A concise summary of research article should include the main aspects - the subject of your paper, the methods used for research, the results you concluded and its implications. As we have mentioned, there’s no need to dive into details of every aspect of your research paper. This is what you should have done while writing your paper. Your summary of research paper is intended to describe and conclude what you learned while conducting the research.

Step 3. Explain the goals

As every paper has its purposes and goals, you should include them in your summary of research paper explaining whether they were reached and how. In the result, your research can both prove the hypothesis to be true or false. The result you’ve got is what matters. If you have it, you reached the main goal of your research paper - tested the hypothesis. Describe it in a separate section of your research article summary and give strong grounds.

Step 4. Find the first reader

Going back to the very first step, we explained that you need to make your executive summary research paper understandable to your audience and readers who may not be familiar with the subject. To check if your research summary is effective, ask several people to read it. If they are able to understand the basics and have the same like opinions, then you've done a good job. If not - leave your summary for some time, refresh your mind and work on it later.

These were the basic tips on how to write a research summary for your paper effectively. Keep them in mind while working on it. In case you get stuck with preparing your summary or don't know whether it meets requirements, feel free to ask for our professional help.

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