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What is a research proposal? Let's make it clear!

Research proposal is aimed at presenting the need of studying any research problem and giving a practical method of how it should be carried out. Comprehensive literature review along with persuasive reasons for conducting the study is what makes research proposals completed. Our custom writing service can help you with both choosing compelling research proposal topics, if there isn't any, and developing a research proposal outline. Here on this page you will find the most significant information that needs to be learned about research proposal format.

What do you need to know about research proposal sample?

Any example of a research proposal that is found in the Internet can help you a lot with ideas and illustrative example of how the paper should be composed. Nevertheless you have to be familiar with a methodology of writing this type of paper anyway.

Here's what you need to be aware of.

Your research proposal should highlight the following questions and reveal the answers on them:

  1. What is the problem you are researching? Find the most worthy case of study.
  2. Why do you want to develop a research of this problem? Provide convincing reasons for necessity of the research.
  3. How will you research the problem? Take care of a good formulation of your research.

Your research proposal template should definitely include elements that give a reader all the grounds to find the study useful, valid and compelling. Your first and the last goal is to describe your research proposal as precisely as possible.

What should your research proposal include?

When chasing a proved information on how to write a compelling research proposal, you'll come across the main parts of this paper, which is a must indeed. Before developing your paper, divide the content into segments.

Main parts of any research proposal example are the following:

  1. Title. Keep it concise, short but descriptive.
  2. Abstract. This is a brief summary of the whole work. Usually it includes the main question of the study that is conducted, rationale for this study, method that is used and your findings about the topic.
  3. Introduction. Give your reader a research problem and its background. Keep it at least 300 words, not more.
  4. Literature Review. Gather all the sources you referred and used while developing your research paper proposal sample.
  5. Methods. Tell your reader how you can manage to complete your paper, include your work plan and describe main actions.
  6. Results. Pay your deep attention to the data and statistic that needs to be collected in order to answer the main question of your research proposal.
  7. Discussion. Convince your reader in necessity and value of the research proposed by you. Be sincere in your conclusions and give true facts and data, namely mention about pro and cons, weaknesses and limitations of your research.

Example of research proposal is sometimes so tricky that it is easy to get stuck. In case you need a professional help, you are free to ask our experts so they can help you succeed in developing your research proposal.

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