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What is annotated bibliography?

Annotated bibliography definition, what is meant by this part of paper? While preparing any type of academic writing assignment you usually use information from the sources to include into your work. An annotated bibliography is a list of citations to those sources, for example, journals, books, Internet web sites, documents or articles. An annotated bibliography example includes citations with a brief description which is actually called annotation. This list should be formatted accordingly to the style needed - MLA or APA annotated bibliography. Let us touch on the general differences between APA and MLA annotated bibliography examples and find out how to site resources according to these two different styles.

What differs APA and MLA annotated bibliography?

APA annotated bibliography means American Psychological Association Style and MLA annotated bibliography sample means Modern Language Association Style. Generally APA and MLA styles of formatting annotated bibliography template have differences, but they both are intended to be listed alphabetically at the end of the paper and referred to as "References" in APA style and "Works Cited" in MLA style. However, MLA can have some more variations and be called as a "Works Consulted" list without the sources included into the paper's body, but have a small and brief description of each and every source that is used. As for APA style, it doesn't have such alternative ways of formatting.

Tips on how to write an annotated bibliography

While working on creation of an annotated bibliography one should follow the rules to avoid mistakes and prepare a well-notated paper. Here are some of them:

To sum up, a successfully and well-annotated bibliography with the cited sources requires checking all the materials used while writing, making notes, choosing the format and sticking to its rules.

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